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How does online grocery shopping work?
It's much like shopping at a grocery store. You browse categories and select items to add to your online basket. You then choose a delivery window (typically a two- or three-hour period on a specific day). The first time you order from a site is usually the most time-consuming as you must search for each item. But generally you can then revisit your past lists on subsequent visits and your shopping time will drop to just minutes. Many services also allow you to have standing orders that are delivered at the same time each week or month.

What about meat and produce?
With services that offer these items, you must trust the personal shopper to make selections for you. But if the produce or meat isn't fresh, grocers will credit you. Typically this is not a problem.

How do I determine if a service delivers to my address?
Our site is organized by state so you can narrow down your search. Grocers tend to concentrate on heavily populated areas, so if you live in a rural address you may have trouble finding home delivery. Most grocery sites allow you to enter your zip code to find out if you can receive deliveries.

What is the difference between home and UPS delivery?
Home delivery means that your order will be delivered to your door within a two- or three-hour period that you select. UPS delivery means that the grocer will pack and mail your order (non-perishable items only). These orders usually arrive within a week.

Are groceries bought online more expensive than those in the store?
That depends. In our experience, the prices at larger delivery services such as Peapod are about the same, although some items may be more and some less.

How much are delivery charges?
You should expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15 per delivery.

Why don't more people shop for groceries online?
Beats us. Once you have placed your weekly grocery order online in 10 minutes and then had someone carry the bags into your home and place them on the counter, there's no going back. Some people claim they find the routine of visiting the grocery store to be relaxing, but we can think of lots of others things to do to relax.

How do I add an online grocer to the site?
Contact us for details.

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